Do you have reasons for the deportation? Houston Immigration Attorneys can help

Тендеры >> 24.01.2021
Do you have reasons for the deportation? Houston Immigration Attorneys can help

People in respect of whom the deportation procedure is carried out can be divided into two groups:

  • persons who are illegally in the United States,
  • persons legally staying in the country but breaking the law.

It is generally accepted that persons holding a green card and staying in the United States for other legal reasons (for example, on a valid visa) should not be afraid of deportation. However, this is not true - expulsion from the United States could threaten them if they commit a crime.

The most common grounds for deportation can be formulated:

  • violation of immigration laws and migration regulations
  • refusal to grant political asylum by the person who applied for such an application
  • violation by the owner of the green card condition of its possession

The case may end up in a migration center because the cardholder has committed a serious crime. But even a minor violation of the law can lead to deportation. For example, trivial theft in a store. Naturally, a criminal history will be a negative factor when considering a case in court.

Serious offenses include:

  • violation of the norms of criminal and administrative tax law
  • failure to comply with social and electoral law
  • representing a threat to the national security of the United States.

How not to get caught up in the deportation process?

It would be right to ask the houston deportation defense lawyer a question. The simplest answer to this question is to live in the States legally and not break the law. However, the problem of saving from deportation, or at least its postponement, is of interest to people who do not currently have legal grounds in the United States. As well as holders of valid visas or green cards who have violated the norms of American law. And here it is important not to make additional mistakes and as soon as possible to seek advice from a deportation lawyer houston tx, because every day of delay can play a tragic role in the issue of porting. Another category of people who are interested in the topic of how not to be expelled from the country is those who are just planning to move to the United States. The best recommendations from asylum lawyer Houston TX for those who decide for themselves the question of how to settle in the United States (to come with a valid visa, apply for political asylum, cross the border of the country illegally) - also contact an immigration lawyer. It will help you avoid deportation processes or plan for the protection of a person in an immigration court. Thus, deportation can threaten almost any person who does not have the status of a citizen. You should not wait for the factor of initiating a deportation case and hope that this unpleasant process will bypass. Timely consultation with an immigration lawyer in Houston, TX will clarify the current situation and significantly increase the chances of a quiet life in the United States.